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Shaoxing Guoteng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is located in China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park, Qisheng Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province.The Company is China Powder Metallurgy Structural Parts manufacturers and custom Powder Metallurgy Structural Parts suppliers. Now It Has Completely Independent Product Development, Design, Production And Testing Capabilities. The Main Production Equipment Includes More Than 10 Powder Metallurgy Automatic Presses (20-500 Tons), Automatic High-Temperature Sintering Furnaces, Stainless Steel Vacuum Sintering Furnaces, And Steam Treatment Furnaces. Three-Coordinate, Profiler, And Other Processing And Testing Equipment, Specializing In The Production Of Various OEM/ODM Powder Metallurgy Structural Parts.

  • 50 million+

    Total investment

  • 7000㎡

    Company size

  • 3000t

    Annual output


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What is Powder Metallurgy Structural Parts
Powder metallurgy structural parts are metallic components manufactured using the powder metallurgy (PM) process. Powder metallurgy is a manufacturing technique that involves the production of parts by compacting and sintering metal powders. It is a highly versatile method that allows for the creation of complex-shaped components with tailored material properties.

Applications of Powder Metallurgy Structural Parts
1. Automotive Industry
The automotive industry extensively utilizes powder metallurgy structural parts due to their cost-effectiveness, reduced weight, and excellent performance characteristics. PM components are commonly found in engines, transmissions, drivetrain systems, and chassis applications. These parts offer benefits such as improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, enhanced wear resistance, and noise reduction.
2. Aerospace and Defense
Powder metallurgy structural parts are also widely employed in the aerospace and defense sectors. The high strength-to-weight ratio of PM parts makes them ideal for aircraft and spacecraft applications, where weight reduction is critical. PM components are utilized in engine components, landing gear systems, structural connectors, and missile guidance systems, among others.
3. Industrial and Consumer Goods
The industrial sector utilizes PM structural parts in various equipment and machinery, including pumps, valves, gears, bearings, and power tools. The consumer goods industry also benefits from powder metallurgy, with applications ranging from appliances and kitchenware to locks and hardware fittings. PM parts in these sectors provide advantages such as improved durability, dimensional stability, and cost-effectiveness.