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Shaoxing Guoteng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is located in China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park, Qisheng Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province.The Company is China Powder Metallurgy Speedometer Rotor manufacturers and custom Powder Metallurgy Speedometer Rotor suppliers. Now It Has Completely Independent Product Development, Design, Production And Testing Capabilities. The Main Production Equipment Includes More Than 10 Powder Metallurgy Automatic Presses (20-500 Tons), Automatic High-Temperature Sintering Furnaces, Stainless Steel Vacuum Sintering Furnaces, And Steam Treatment Furnaces. Three-Coordinate, Profiler, And Other Processing And Testing Equipment, Specializing In The Production Of Various OEM/ODM Powder Metallurgy Speedometer Rotor.

  • 50 million+

    Total investment

  • 7000㎡

    Company size

  • 3000t

    Annual output


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What is Powder Metallurgy Speedometer Rotor
A powder metallurgy speedometer rotor is a component used in automotive speedometer systems that is manufactured using the powder metallurgy process. Powder metallurgy involves the transformation of powdered metal into a solid component through compaction and sintering.
In the case of a speedometer rotor, the powdered metal is typically a ferrous material, such as iron or a steel alloy, although non-ferrous metals like copper may also be used. The process begins with the blending of metal powders with additives, such as lubricants and binders, to improve the flow characteristics of the powder mixture and facilitate compacting.

The Benefits of Powder Metallurgy Speedometer Rotors
1. Enhanced Performance and Accuracy
Powder metallurgy allows for the production of speedometer rotors with excellent dimensional stability, resulting in enhanced accuracy and performance. The compaction process ensures uniform density distribution throughout the rotor, minimizing imbalances and fluctuations in rotational speed. This level of precision is crucial for speedometer systems, ensuring accurate readings and reliable operation.
2. Improved Durability and Wear Resistance
Speedometer rotors manufactured using powder metallurgy exhibit exceptional durability and wear resistance. The process allows for the incorporation of various alloying elements, such as copper, nickel, and chromium, which enhance the mechanical properties of the rotor. Additionally, the controlled porosity achievable through powder metallurgy can be optimized to improve lubricant retention and reduce friction, further enhancing the rotor's longevity.
3. Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency
Powder metallurgy offers cost-effective solutions for speedometer rotor production. The process enables the utilization of raw materials more efficiently, minimizing waste and reducing material costs. Moreover, the ability to produce complex shapes and integrate multiple functionalities into a single component eliminates the need for additional assembly steps, streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing labor costs.